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About this site 

This site is where I showcase my art works, both the ones I'm currently working on and various projects from the past. It is meant particularly for viewers interested in my art production, but it is also for anyone involved in the contemporary art scene in general. With this, I hope to be able to share my enthusiam for art and inspire others to create - and so return the favour to all the different artists who have inspired me over the years.

The site will be updated continually.   

About the artist

I am a Danish visual artist who is passionate about making art and almost always involved in some kind of creative process. The visual arts continue to fascinate me because of the unique challenges involved in the making of each work. I strive to add a distinct flavour to every art object, by way of experimenting with subject matter, style, color scheme and materials

Some challenges, however, tend to recur in almost every visual arts project that I undertake. The problem of transposing a three-dimensional scene onto a two-dimensional surface, and of giving physical shape to an abstract and flighty idea are two such challenges that continue to intrigue me.

With regards to subject matter, I am equally inspired by the ordinary and the extraordinary. This means I often get absorbed in creating extraordinary alternative worlds, that I find to be missing in daily life. Conversely, I also enjoy trying to capture the most salient and emotionally resonant features of the ordinary.


I usually have too many ideas and too little time for all of them. 

Works on commission: I have done personal portraits, wall paintings, tattoos, book covers, illustrations, educational posters, logos and advertising material. 

In 2009 I worked with the cultural festival Kulturkaravanen i Mørket. Together with a group of visual artists I created large-scale wall paintings for public institutions in different cities around midwestern Jutland. 

For our work, we were awarded Kulturvækstprisen 2009. 

In 2012 I designed a collection of plexiglass laser cut jewellery for the 3D printing company Create It RealI also worked as a photographer and photo editor for the company. 

In 2018 I co-illustrated the philosophical textbook Tankestreger - Billeder fra filosofien for the publisher Philosophia. Tankestreger is an equally textual and visual introduction to the subject of Western philosophy

Find the book here:

In 2020 I illustrated an article entitled "Transforming Consciousness: Art, Truth and the Aesthetic Experience" for the art magazine TEGN. My contributions were two full-page illustrations.

Since 2020 I have worked as an Art, Drawing and Aesthetics teacher at Silkeborg Højskole. I have taught art in theory (art history, aesthetics and art philosophy) as well as in practice (see "Teaching" in the menu above for more information). I have also taught Psychology and Literature at the folk high school.


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IMG_8777 (3)_edited_edited_edited_edited
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